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Love the flavour. If I'm not mistaken the size of the container has gotten smaller.... Less value?

Great flavor!

Tastes just like cinnamon and sugar and being innketi, this works perfect for me.

Love the flavors! Always come back for more.

I love Flavor God Seasoning and especially the new toppers…perfect with my oatmeal and toast!!

Everything Bagel Seasoning (OFF)

Love the flavor not a fan of the seeds

Love this season and so good on fish

Absolutely delicious! The vanilla waffle cone has an intense Vanilla flavor that is out of this world!!

Love it!

By far the best savory seasoning on this site. Love it 11/10

Overly salty in my opinion. But once you find out the ratio it’s not bad

Mix with a little mayo and butter milk (optional) and you got some bangin ranch dip

Flavor god is goat

Flavor god is goat

Flavor god is goat

I think they are great half way through the 1st shipment, I ordered 12 more meals.

Flavor is good but this product is very fine and clumps easily

Was just okay. I wish this had more of a punch to it

I use this when I make French toast and it is amazing! My secret ingredient.

Waste of money. The flavors were lacking so bad. I will not order from them again.

Products are great, but processing/delivery turn around definitely need improvement.