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When I first created Flavor God Seasonings in December of 2012, my goal was to offer healthy seasonings - unlike anything sold in stores - by using fresh herbs & spices. My blends use real ingredients, minimal amounts of sea salt, and never have added chemicals or fillers. I created Flavor God Seasonings with the principle of respecting ingredients, as they exist in nature while creating balanced flavors with all-purpose applications. My goal is to simply craft the best seasonings available on the market while making the art of cooking fun for anyone who uses my products.

After upgrading the size of my business operation yet again, I'm very excited to reveal that we are now open for retail distribution worldwide. We want to partner with the best privately owned walk-in stores, national franchises, and international distributors who want to carry my Flavor God brand alongside their own.

Thank you for your interest in carrying Flavor God!
I look forward to working with you.